Straight Laces For Dress Shoes

How To Bar Lace Your Dress Shoes

6 Easy Steps for Bar Lacing

If you’re going for a formal look on your dress shoes, whether they’re balmorals or bluchers, you probably want to use the bar lacing method. It creates a much cleaner look than the usual method of criss-cross lacing.

Bar lacing works best with dress shoes that have an even number of eyelets, like these Allen Edmonds Park Aves, which have twelve.

how to bar lace dress shoes for men

Bar Lacing Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Starting at the bottom, thread the lace through the eyelets, entering in through the top. Make each side of the lace the same exact length.

2. Thread one lace through the bottom of the first eyelet on the same side, so it comes out the top.

3. Go across horizontally, and thread it through the top of the eyelet on the opposite side.

4. Now, on the same side, skip one eyelet and thread the lace through the bottom of the eyelet after the next one.

5. Repeat this process until you are at the top.

6. With the other shoelace, go through the bottom of the first open eyelet on the same side – then repeat the process until you are at the top.

You may find it easier to view the diagram. This is a very easy method for lacing formal or semi-formal dress shoes.

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