6 of the Best Cotton Chinos for Men

Finding the perfect pair of chino pants can be a challenge, despite the wide array of options we have today. Getting a proper fit at the right price point requires some trial and error, and some legwork (intentional pun).

Fortunately, I’ve done some of this legwork for you. Here are five of the best chino pants I’ve found. Check them out for yourself.

Apolis Activism

Standard Issue Civilian Chino

apolis chinos

Apolis chinos were my go-to pants for several years. They’re practically bulletproof, with triple stitched seams, durable cotton, and heavy rivets. The fit is relatively slim and the rise moderate.

Epaulet New York

Rivet Chino

Epaulet Rivet chinos are very slim, have a low rise, and come in lots of different colors. The details – from the buttons to the pockets to the seams – are stellar.

Blackbird Ballard

Foss Tugger Chino

blackbird chinos

Blackbird‘s new Foss Tugger chino is a home run. A versatile all-around pant, they have a decently high rise and the fit is slim, not skin tight. They come in subdued colors like “wood” and “fir.”

Unis New York


The Gio is a slim (not skinny) chino pant that’s made in the United States. They’re a simple and stylish pant that is constructed much like a tailored trouser. Buy them direct from Unis or at select boutiques.

Norse Projects

Aros Heavy Chino

norse projects chino

The Norse Projects Aros chino is made in Europe with a durable 100% cotton Italian broken twill fabric. The fit is tapered and very slim.

Cheap Monday

Plum Grey Slim Chino

cheap monday chinos

Here’s your affordable option. Slim chinos by Cheap Monday are made with lightweight 100 percent cotton fabric and feature a zipper fly, moderate rise, and trouser-style construction. Available at NeedSupply.