The #1 Way to Boost Your Consignment Earnings

Resale is a great way to make some money back on designer clothing purchases that don’t work out.

Some people even keep resale in mind when considering a purchase.

If that sounds like you  – and you like like to plan ahead – here’s the best tip I can give you.

Save product packaging

Most types of product packaging are inconsequential. All the junk that comes with a new dress shirt, for example, can be tossed.

But original boxes and hang tags are different, because they can help to maintain product value.

Not only do customers prefer to have them, but they also contain key product info, such as the model name, model number, color name, original retail price, and UPC code. 

When it comes to online sales, these details can mean the difference between a somewhat generic designer item and a richly detailed, searchable item. Customers also feel reassured about the product authenticity.

In some cases, we can locate the same information without packaging. When a product is rare or a few years older, then it becomes nearly impossible.

So if you’ve ever wondered about saving this stuff – wonder no more. Keep it!