Allen Edmonds Recrafting: Before and After

If you’ve ever bought a pair of Allen Edmonds, you probably know about their shoe repair (i.e. recrafting) program. It’s a proud selling point for their company.

“You could own these shoes for 10 years,” the sales people say, and they’re not exaggerating. With occasional wear and this kind of repair, a decade of wear could easily be achieved.

Recrafting Revives An Old Pair of AE Park Avenues

I wanted to know more about their recrafting process, so I chose to send in these Allen Edmonds Park Aves. I love the rich brown patina these shoes had developed, so I thought they were probably worth saving.

The recrafting photos look dramatic on the Allen Edmonds website and brochures, so my expectations were high.

The results were satisfying. For $125, they resoled the shoe, replaced the heels and cork beneath the insoles, refinished the upper, and gave me new laces. They also reformed the shoe on its original last – something your cobbler cannot do.

The process was incredibly simple. You just download a form, print a paid UPS shipping label, stick your shoes in a box and then ship them to Allen Edmonds. It only took a few weeks to get them back.

Overall, I’m satisfied and happy to wear them again. They’re nicely revived and should be in the rotation a few more years.