Harvie and Hudson, Shirtmakers

A client recently sent us part of his extensive Harvie and Hudson shirt collection for resale. Although I don’t personally wear H&H shirts, I’ve come to appreciate their fine quality and style secondhand. Most of these shirts come with bold colors, classic patterns, and traditionally wide British spread collars.

shirt by harvie and hudson

shirts by harvie and hudson

shirt by h and h


H&H is widely regarded as one of the best shirtmakers on Londons’s famous Jermyn St., which means these shirts are some of the best in the world. The brand was founded by Thomas Harvie and George Hudson in 1949. In those days, Mr. Harvie managed the shop while Mr. Hudson handled the cutting of bespoke shirts.

In the 60s, H&H set themselves apart with a flamboyant stripe pattern, which set the tone for future designs. You can buy their ready-to-wear or MTM shirts today at one of four London stores. If you’re in the U.S., you can order them online.